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Photo Gallery | Animals seized from Hillyard home by SpokAnimal

The wafting smell of animal hoarding was evident from a street outside a Hillyard home on Wednesday morning. SpokAnimal was on scene seizing animals on a warrant for animal cruelty and neglect. About 30 animals, cats and dogs, were found in the barely livable home at the 3200 block of East Crown.

Marylin Meyer, SpokAnimal, says the animals did not have available food or water and large piles of fecal matter was found in and around the kennel area.

“If they don’t have fresh food or water and they’re sleeping in their own feces, matted and skinny, they’re not being cared for. And that’s the situation,” said Meyer. She also says this isn’t the first time they’ve dealt with this neighbor.

"We've been getting complaints from neighbors for years. I've been dealing with this individual..." Meyer paused to count exactly how long it has been. "I started 28 years ago and I've been dealing with them since then."

At one point the homeowner had goats: “She’s had them all,” Meyer said. They’ve been responding to hoarding calls about the homeowner even at her previous residence in West Spokane.

SpokAnimal hopes to have the animals permanently removed from the home and keep the homeowner from getting more animals for as long as the law allows. Meyer says the most the prosecuting attorney can do is disallow the owner from animals for one year.

“We’ve given her every opportunity to get rid of the animals and clean up, but we get phone calls from residents asking: “Aren’t you going to do something about those animals?”,” Meyer added. “We have to do something. It’s not for the residents, it’s for the animals. You don’t lock up eight cats in one small cage and not clean them.”

The owner could face a fine per animal or surrender the animals so SpokAnimal can begin to take care them. Before they can be put up for adoption or fostered the animals will need a bath.

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