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UFO sighting in North Spokane Friday evening | Weird

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UFO sighting in North Spokane Friday evening

There was apparently a UFO sighting over Spokane on Friday evening. We received two seperate emails from readers noticing the object fall from the sky.

One email from Ben Owings says him and his wife were sitting in their yard around 6:50 p.m. and they spotted a white object in the horizon.

"It looked like it broke up into several pieces and then disintegrated," Owings wrote in an email.

Owings says the object was traveling across the horizon from the northeast to the southwest. The object had a "definite contrail behind it", he writes.

Another email came from a man in the Logan neighborhood. He captured video, but his cellphone didn't pick up anything except a nearby light.

In the video you can hear him say to a friend: "Dude, I can't even see it. Dude, my phone can't even see that far. No, dude. This is insane."

Did anyone see anything fall from the night sky on Friday? Let us know. Email the writer of this story at nicoleh@kxly.com or comment below.


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