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Changes in store for SPS Montessori program

Changes in store for SPS Montessori program

Spokane Public Schools voted to move and unify the Montessori program from two locations to one central location. While Montessori parents are both excited and apprehensive of the move, the change solves a bigger space issue for the school district.

“They’re looking at this strategically,” said Kevin Morrison, Director of Community Relations for Spokane Public Schools. New legislation requires that all kindergarten through third grade classrooms have only 17 students within the next few years. The district is in need of 24 classrooms by this fall.

Parents get invasive to protect kids online

Parents get invasive to protect kids online

Parents are looking for ways to monitor their children's social media activities after students at two area high schools received death threats from a fellow student.

Two days ago a 16-year-old Shadle Park High School student was arrested after she made threats to one of her fellow students as well as another student from a nearby district. Now school administrators are asking parents to make changes so that another incident doesn't occur.

In the Anderson household privacy while communicating, no matter what form, isn't really an option.

"It has always stood that I will monitor phones, internet, TV, video games," mother Shelley Anderson said.

Anderson's philosophy is if she doesn't have the passwords to it, her kids don't get to use it.

"It is invasive and it's my job as a parent to be invasive," she said.

Anderson added that because she actively monitors her kids, she doesn't have to worry about them being involved in an incident like the one her son's classmate was in that resulted in an arrest.

"There are certain times when I want my privacy but at the same time there's nothing bad," Shelley's son Joshua said.

Spokane Valley teen arrested for making death threats

Spokane Valley teen arrested for making death threats

Spokane Valley Sheriff's Deputies arrested a 16-year-old girl for threatening to kill multiple students online on Sunday.

Deputies received a report that the teen was threatening to bring a gun to Barker High School and kill one or more students on Monday. Upon further investigation, deputies discovered the girl was making similar threats directed at a second student who attends Shadle Park High School. These threats were being made through Facebook.

University High School Resource Deputy Jeff Duncan and Central Valley Resource Officer Trevor Jones interviewed two potential victims, collected the Facebook evidence, and contacted the suspect.

After an interview with the teen, Deputy Duncan placed her under arrest for two counts of Felony Harassment - Threat to Kill. She was booked in Juvenile Detention on Sunday afternoon.

MOH recipient Ty Carter returns to North Central High

MOH recipient Ty Carter returns to North Central High

Medal of Honor recipient SSG Ty Carter returned home to Spokane Thursday for a special assembly held at North Central High School.

Carter received the nation's highest military honor for his bravery during a deadly firefight in Afghanistan. Several men in his unit died but many lived because of what he did.

But long before he ran through heavy gunfire to deliver ammunition to other men his unit during that firefight, he walked the halls of North Central as a student, track athlete and football player. He wasn't always the most popular kid in school and that's an important part of the message he shared at the school Thursday.

"We are all very capable of doing wonderful and great things," Carter said.

When the President of the United States puts the Medal of Honor around your neck your life changes forever, but Carter said he isn't special, and that's what he told students today

"Even a student who has troubled times, because I was troubled as a kid, that is why I chose to go into the services because I wanted to change and I wanted to put my life in a better direction," Carter said.

Dr. Reginger's SPS February Progress Report

In this month's Spokane Public Schools Progress Report, Superintendent Dr. Shelley Redinger discusses the district's efforts at increasing the graduation rate. In 2008, only 60 percent of Spokane students were completing high school and moving forward in life with a diploma, last year SPS raised that rate to almost 80 percent.

Dr. Redinger explains how the school district achieved the increase and what they're working on the make the number of Spokane Public Graduates even higher.

You can keep up with what's going in Spokane Public Schools by following them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Computers stolen from Mead Riverpoint Academy

Computers stolen from Mead Riverpoint Academy

Crime Stoppers is offering an award for information on two computers stolen from Mead River Point Academy on Tuesday.

An employee responding to a tripped alarm around 3:30am and found a broken window. When Spokane County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived they would a keyboard and mouse cord hand on the broken window frame. The employee confirmed that two iMac desktops were missing.

Pride Prep approved as first charter school in Washington

Pride Prep approved as first charter school in Washington

The Board of Directors for Spokane Public Schools voted on three charter school proposals Wednesday night.

Pride Prep was the only proposal to be approved, with a unanimous vote of 5-0. Two other proposals from iLEAD and Academy of Arts and Sciences were both rejected.

Brenda McDonald is the driving force behind Pride Prep. She has two decades of educational expertise under her belt, both as a teacher and, most recently, as Principal of Garry Middle School.

"I think it's been a really long time coming to be able to put students first and try to match learning experiences with student needs," McDonald said after the vote. "This is really marking the start of an era of what I think is going to be an incredible opportunity for Spokane kids."

Pride Prep will be a sixth through 12th grade school offering traditional classes but with an emphasis on math, science and world languages. The school will also be technology driven with a tablet or laptop for each student.

McDonald hopes to open Pride Prep by fall of 2015. She hasn't chosen a location yet but hopes it will be near the University District or a community college.