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Mt. Spokane High wraps up Week of Peace | Schools

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Mt. Spokane High wraps up Week of Peace
Mt. Spokane High wraps up Week of Peace


Mount Spokane High School wrapped its Week of Peace today leading into the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend with foods originating from all around the world.

The event was held to bring students together and have them understand the importance of acceptance and peace: "Anytime you break bread with someone, it breaks down the social barriers separating you," teacher and event organizer Jocelyn Merhab said.

The week of events was put together by the Association of Student Body and the Get Connected Cultural Club. Students from the English Language Learning program and the Resource Room program aided as well.

“We have a good cross section of groups of kids putting this on,” Merhab said. “It made a collection of voices that otherwise would probably not be working together.”

On Monday, anti-bullying literature was spread, as well as pamphlets about the impact people like King, Gahndi and John Lennon – among other – left on the world.

Tuesday was Cultural Dress Day. Students wore clothing that reflected their heritage. Merhab wore a dashiki, Cultural Club president Jamie Zinkgraf wore a hat from Ireland and some boys from ASB wore full viking get-ups.

Students pledged to make the world a better place on Wednesday. They collected all of their pledge cards on the Peace Wall, which is in the common area of the school.

Thursday was a day for the international color of peace – powder blue. Peace ribbons were hung on the wall with student and staff names.

Food Fair Taste and Culture was held Friday, and according to Merhab was the most popular day among students with the highest participation. When asked if it was because of the array of food offered, Merhab quickly responded “of course!”

“We wanted to provide cuisine students may have never had before,” Merhab said. “We have to get them out of what they're comfortable with and trying new things.”

Merhab said that they wanted to revolve the week's message around peace because that is at the “core of Dr. King's message,” and because if it was a “culture week,” many people wouldn't participate because they feel they are not culturally unique enough.

“This way we can get everyone involved,” Merhab said.  


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