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Wasabi In North Spokane Spices Up The Menu | Restaurants

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Wasabi In North Spokane Spices Up The Menu
Wasabi In North Spokane Spices Up The Menu

I recently went to dinner at Wasabi in North Spokane. What struck me was that every single thing on the menu was amazing. Recently the restaurant changed its menu with the help of new Chef Burt Hissong. I had a chance to speak with owner Josh Hissong about the changes to Wasabi and what the response has been so far.

How did you get into the restaurant design business?

Restaurant design kind of fell into my lap. I helped with the design of two restaurants in LA while managing them. Then I just started to fall in love with the materials that people were utilizing in hospitality design. I formed HDG with the idea that I'd work on a couple of places a year and just have fun. After partnering with Armando Hurtado, we have found ourselves working on a vast array of different projects. We currently have 17 on the board. Everything from Choice realty new corporate offices, single family homes and obviously; restaurants.

What restaurants do you own or have an interest in?

I have ownership in Ginger and Wasabi.

Why did you decide to change the menu at Wasabi?

We decided to change the menu at Wasabi to better serve the customers. The old menu was much too vast, Chinese in style and super hard to produce. The food cost was really high, the waste was extreme to say the least and the food just was not up to the standard we were going for.

What's the biggest difference with the change.

Many of the regulars were bothered, but after offering them a glimpse of the food with no expectations, they are all converts.

Tell me about Burt and what makes him special?

Burt Hissong (Chef) has made the transition very nice. He made exceptions for the regulars that did not feel informed enough. Now, we are running daily specials that are selling out. We have a huge drink list, wine offerings and obviously our badass sushi..

Burt is one of those people that simply LOVES to cook. He lives for the trade. He is measured in everything that he does, whether it's cooking, writing a menu or staying organized. He has been a huge blessing. Also, Tong has come from Ginger to run the sushi bar for a while. Between the two of them and the great staff we have really started to do well.

Any plans to open other restaurants in the future?

We do have plans for another restaurant. We are in the planning/design phase for another Fire Artisan Pizza. In which HDG and the current owners of  Fire Cda will be partnering up to put together a very clean, sleek new Spokane destination! The plans are to be open by the first part of fall. The location will be announced soon.

Wasabi is located at 10208 N. Division Suite 105. You can call them at 509-290-5573. Business hours are Monday through Thursday, 11:30-9:00, and Friday through Saturday, 11:30-10:10.

These Q&As are a frequent feature by Mike Gonzalez, KXLY4 Evening Anchor, with members of the Inland Northwest community. Reach him with any questions you have about these interviews by emailing mikeg@kxly.com.



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