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Garlic Mobile Makes Commuter Dreams Come True | Restaurants

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Garlic Mobile Makes Commuter Dreams Come True
Garlic Mobile Makes Commuter Dreams Come True

For those north of the river, your evening commute may have just improved even if it’s just the whiff of garlic that carries down several blocks as you drive by.

White House Grill has set up shop in a parking lot off of Dalke and Division with another spin-off of their brand. It’s food truck goodness satisfying commuter cravings. They’re calling it “Garlic Mobile”.

Some of the entrees, like the Spring Bowl and Chicken Fettuccine, are enough to split with a second person or save for the next day’s lunch. at a decent price. Both have enough garlic to split between five people and make the taste last for a week.

It’s standing room only at the mobile location, but there is plenty of room for vehicle parking. You’re able to walk-up to the trailer to order and chat with "T-Man", the mobile chef and Raleigh Johnston, the chief dishwasher. Their personalities are as potent as the garlic.

It’s a limited menu with only a few options for entrees, but they’ve picked their favorites to serve. Johnston says the menu has the same items you can find at the main White House location in Post Falls. They may even use their mobile location as a testing ground for new menu items.

“As business kicks up, we’ll expand the menu,” Johnston said.

To accommodate the Garlic Mobile in your evening plans, make sure you’re one step away from your eating destination. Otherwise your car will smell of garlic making you sob because you want to eat it so bad.

One customer, Johnston says, has visited the Garlic Mobile all four days they’ve been open. The customer brings back multiple meals for his colleagues.

One more thing before you head north -- it’s cash only, so stock up. Otherwise it’s awkward. [Not that we would know, but maybe we do.]

Details: They’re located at 6020 N. Division, corner of Dalke and Division. They’re open Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information and to order to-go, call: (509) 368-4221.


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