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Little Jameson Davis gets new arms

Little Jameson Davis gets new arms

Over the last year and a half, KXLY has followed Jameson Davis' journey. Jameson is the Spokane baby born without arms, but now there's a new chapter in this toddler's life that involves a special pair of prosthetic arms.

For six months, Jameson has been using myo-electric prosthetic arms, made just for him. In fact, he's the youngest person ever to have a pair of them.

"He can do pretty much anything that any other little kid can do," his mom Brooke Davis said.

His surfer blond hair and bright blue eyes melt your heart and his determination inspires you.

"You know he's just a growing little boy," dad Jim Davis said.

Jameson wears the myo-electric arms twice a day. The arms have sensors that pick up movement.

"So in the simplest terms, if he just flexes his little biceps, it will open and close the hand," Jim said.

The arms cost over $100,000. Insurance paid for most, but the Spokane community stepped up, raising $25,000.

"It's amazing to know there are great people in Spokane and they are willing to help strangers," Jim said.

Jim and Brooke just want to provide their son the very best life.

Local teen looks to get kids playing outside

Local teen looks to get kids playing outside

For 17-year-old LaFawn Sutton, the great outdoors is more like her first home.

"I'll come up here in the daytime, at the night it's really cool because it's all the stars and then just city lights," said LaFawn.

Ever since she was able to crawl, dirt has been her floor and rocks her chair.

"I'll come home and I'll be outside, from after school until my parents get home and even after that," said LaFawn. "The later I can stay out the better."

That's why the Mt. Spokane High School junior was picked to be a youth leader by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

She was one of the half dozen high school students from across the state invited to the capitol over the fall to talk with commissioners on how to get youth outside.

"A lot of kids are like, 'oh phone, computer' and stuff like that and they just don't even care about out here," LaFawn said.

The initiative comes as a result of growing technology keeping youth indoors. Encouraging kids to go outside is just part of the bigger picture; the hope is that they'll retain it for future generations.

Mayor of Limerick visits Spokane

Mayor of Limerick visits Spokane

The mayor of Limerick, Ireland, one of Spokane’s Sister Cities, is touring the Lilac City. Mayor Kathleen Leddin is the 817th mayor of Limerick and on Monday she stopped by the site of the Sister Cities Garden Project at Riverfront Park.

“I’m very excited about it,” Mayor Leddin said of her trip. “There’s a great Sister City relationship between Limerick and Spokane.”

Crowdsourcing funds child's special needs bike in 11 hours

Crowdsourcing funds child's special needs bike in 11 hours

Eleven hours. That’s all it took for the community to fully support a gofundme campaign to get a special needs bike for five-year-old Chace Thomas. Not only was the campaign fully funded, but generous donors supported the Thomas family to $1,000 past their goal of $3,000 to purchase the bike.

Cooper Elementary mourning loss of Gracie Snider

Cooper Elementary mourning loss of Gracie Snider

Cooper Elementary School is grieving the loss of Gracie Snider, a 10-year-old fourth grader at the school, a star student and soccer player who died in a car accident last weekend while coming home from a game in Yakima.

Cooper Elementary has suffered a great loss, with everyone in mourning. The situation is even more difficult because Gracie's mom Gretchen is the school counselor. She's like the rock of the school, but can't be at school right now. Now students and staff members are leaning on each other and doing what they can to keep Gracie's memory alive.

"We have a desk in our class right now that is empty and it's Gracie's spot," Fourth grade teacher Janelle Campasino said.

"There is a void that is going to be there because she is not there," former teacher Tiffany Santos said.

"Gracie was probably one of the kindest, most amazing children you will ever meet," Cooper Elementary Principal Rona Williams said.

Last week she was running around on the playground, and learning math and science in Ms. Campasino's class.

"I'm so struck at the impact one small little girl had on so many people," Campasino said.

Minister helps police bust burglar

Minister helps police bust burglar

On Sundays, Jack Johnston serves his community as a minister at Life Center Church. On Tuesday, however, he served his community by tracking down and helping police arrest a would-be burglar.

Jack Johnston is a muscular minister who blends his faith and physique to steer young people down the right path,

"I'm just very active in the ministry at Life Center Church and I run a muscle ministry for kids ages 18 up to 30. You know I try to get them active spiritually, physically and mentally, and improve their lives and keep them away from drugs and other bad things," Johnston said.

Tuesday however, he used some impressive detective work to help police put a convicted felon in jail.

Witnesses say a man police later identified as Lelbert Williams was using a screwdriver to pry his way into anything hanging on a hinge.

"So I came down and saw the door was open but it had these pry marks on it and stuff so I went through it real quick to make sure nobody was in there. and I thought, this guy could possibly still be in the neighborhood," Johnston said.

Man proposes to girlfriend after Bloomsday

Man proposes to girlfriend after Bloomsday

Tom Curalli defines what it means to be a Bloomie.

"Today is a big day, it's my 35th Bloomsday," said Curalli.

Curalli said he would never miss a Bloomsday. He loves how the race brings the community and families together. The theme of togetherness inspired him to make this day about the most important person in his life.

"I'm going to propose to my girlfriend at the finish line in front of a lot of a lot of people," said Curalli.

Curalli has prepared for the big day since February. He chose not to share the plan with anyone, and the anticipation was starting to get the best of him.

"I'm pretty excited, a little nervous, had a bit of trouble sleeping last night,"said Curalli.

The couple have been dating for about a year, but have been close friends for nearly six.