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Our Kids are Our Business

Our Kids are Our Business

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month.  Eight years ago the Spokane community decided enough was enough!  It was rocked to the core by the horrific death of little Summer Phelps and was jarred into taking a stand for children.

KXLY has joined with 34 other businesses and individuals (Spo-Can Council) for the month-long initiative "Our Kids Our Business". The focus is on the prevention of child abuse and neglect. The council holds regular meetings, and next week will hold it's annual luncheon.  

Occupants make it safely out of Garland house fire

Occupants make it safely out of Garland house fire

Two people were able to safely make it out of their home after it caught fire Thursday morning.

The fire broke out just after 2 a.m. in the 2700 block of W. Garland.

When firefighters arrived on scene, both occupants were out of the home and smoke was pouring from the structure. Fire crews were able to rescue several pets that were inside.

The fire was put out and one occupant was taken to the hospital as a precaution for smoke inhalation.

Red Cross has been notified.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Airway Heights man arrested on kidnapping, child rape charges

Airway Heights man arrested on kidnapping, child rape charges

An Airway Heights man has been arrested after police say he kidnapped a 2-year-old boy from Spokane early Wednesday morning.

Richard Welch was arrested on a charge of first-degree kidnapping and third-degree rape of a child.

According to authorities, Welch admitted to detectives that he had been at State Line Showgirls earlier in the evening and then went to the VA Medical Center emergency room at 3 a.m. because he claimed he was having problems with migraines.

Welch told detectives he stopped at a gas station at the corner of Wellesley and Monroe to fill up his truck and said he saw a child at a nearby intersection, which he described as a seven-year-old girl. He claimed that the girl needed help finding her parents and he was going to help her find her parents by offering her a ride in his truck, police said.

Instead of taking the child to find her parents he drove the child back to his apartment at the All Season Motel in Airway Heights, 11 miles away from where he first spotted the child, police said.

Help for parents with autistic kids increasing in Spokane

Help for parents with autistic kids increasing in Spokane

The number of children diagnosed with autism has jumped 30-percent since 2012, according to a new report from the CDC, and there are 2,000 children in Spokane County who have been diagnosed with autism, which is only second to King County.

New legislation was passed in 2013 to make treatment for these children more accessible, but there is still an issue of supply and demand.

Charles Green's 4-year-old son Noah was diagnosed with autism last October.

"He has a great personality, great sense of humor, great kid," Green said.

For Green, getting the diagnosis, "in some ways it was a relief because we could finally get him the help he needed."

Noah is part of a new program offered by the Northwest Autism Center. The program focuses on children ages two to five years old and provides them with extensive care for 12 weeks.

"This particular approach allows us to really get to know the child and build a transitional plan that will positively impact the services they are going to receive where ever they are going next," Dawn Sidell with the Northwest Autism Center said.

Opening statements heard Wednesday in Gerlach manslaughter trial

Opening statements heard Wednesday in Gerlach manslaughter trial

A Spokane jury listened to the long-awaited opening statements Wednesday in the manslaughter trial of Gail Gerlach, who is suspected of shooting 25-year-old Brendon Kaluza-Graham as he drove away in Gerlach's stolen SUV last March.

One of the first things heard in court Wednesday was exactly what Gerlach told dispatchers in the moments after the shooting, most significantly that Gerlach thought the car theft suspect had reached for a weapon and it was Gerlach who worried he was about to get shot.

"Members of the jury, this case has a theme, and the theme of this case is the sight of fear," defense attorney Richard Lee said.

Gerlach's defense team wasted little time telling the jury their client was acting out of fear the day he shot Kaluza-Graham; not fear of losing his Chevy Suburban but fear about what the suspect would do next after Gerlach confronted the thief in his driveway.

"He's not caring about the SUV anymore. He sees something far more important that. He sees this. He sees this," Lee said.

Orientation meeting for families interested in SPRINT

Orientation meeting for families interested in SPRINT

From Spokane Public Schools:

Interested families are invited to learn more about one of Spokane Public Schools’ alternative learning options, the SPRINT program.

Fire crews extinguish fire at Colbert home

Fire crews extinguish fire at Colbert home

Fire crews were able to put out a fire at a home in Colbert before it did any serious damage.

The fire broke out at the 20600 block of N. Bernhill Rd.

No one was home at the time of the fire and no one was hurt.

A person driving by called to report the fire after seeing smoke around 8:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Crews put out the fire and say there is little damage to the home.

They still have no word on what caused the fire.