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Washington 911 calls got stuck in Colorado

Washington 911 calls got stuck in Colorado

A report to regulators on the statewide 911 outage in Washington says emergency calls failed because they were stuck in a processing center in Colorado.

In the report last week to the state Utilities and Transportation Commission, CenturyLink says an estimated 4,500 calls over a six-hour period early on April 10 were stranded at the center in Englewood, Colo., operated by the database manager Intrado. It ran out of capacity to route the calls.

The News Tribune reports the outage affected 127 dispatch centers in Washington until calls were re-routed.

A state 911 project manager, Andy Leneweaver, says the outage also affected six-to eight call centers in North Carolina and about 11 in Minnesota.

Century Link and Intrado say changes have been made to prevent another such 911 outage.

Lime prices causing consumers to pucker up

Lime prices causing consumers to pucker up

Lime, the little fruit that causes some to pucker, is causing that same reaction when consumers look at the price lately.

"The price of limes has been crazy," Casa De Oro owner Enrique Torres said.

Torres owns Casa De Oro in North Spokane. He said he's squeezing out hundreds of dollars each week on limes to keep the restaurant running.

"You can't go to a Mexican restaurant and order a margarita or beer without the lime," he said.

Torres just put in a $150 order Tuesday for a case of 140 limes.

"Like four months ago they were $20 a case," Torres said.

It's going to be an expensive week for the restaurant, with their annual Cinco de Mayo celebration coming up on Saturday. Torres said they'll need up to six cases of limes for Cinco de Mayo alone.

"It's going to be $700 for the limes," he said.

At grocery stores, customers are seeing the same thing. Limes that usually only cost a couple dimes are now pushing a dollar. Some stores haven't even had them because of the shortage.

Man shot, killed by police at N. Spokane home

While investigating the death of an adult woman whose body was found in a residence in the 2500 block of N. Standard, Spokane Police confronted a man who arrived at the house, which ended in officers shooting the man.

The shooting happened just before 2 p.m. Tuesday. A KXLY photographer was filming the scene approximately 20 yards away when a man pulled up in a pickup truck and several officers turned, looked at him and said, "That's him! That's him!"

A brief volley of gunfire followed as officers fired at the man, who fell to the ground. Shortly afterward paramedics went up to check the man's condition and then walked away.

According to witnesses the man had something in his hand when officers opened fire on him. A still frame of the video shot by a KXLY photographer shows the man exiting his truck with a gun in his left hand.

The identity of the man is not known.

Whitworth in need of volunteers for Million Meals event

Whitworth in need of volunteers for Million Meals event

From Whitworth University:

Whitworth University students are partnering with local nonprofit Generation Alive in a major meal-packaging event Saturday, May 3, at the Fieldhouse on the campus of Whitworth.

Bloomsday name inspired by Ulysses

Bloomsday name inspired by Ulysses

The Lilac Bloomsday Run will race through Spokane for the 38th year on Sunday, but have you ever wondered where Bloomsday gets its name? The name takes Spokane’s love of lilacs and pairs it with Greek mythology and a famous literary character.

Here’s more on the history of the name from Bloomsday:

Man robbed at gunpoint in north Spokane apartment

Man robbed at gunpoint in north Spokane apartment

A man was robbed in his north Spokane apartment at gunpoint early Tuesday morning.

The robbery occurred around 2:15 a.m. at the Wedgewood Apartments on the 200 block of East Wedgewood.

Police say two black men and one white man with a shaved head entered the apartment with handguns.

They took several things, then left in a blue Equinox.

One person in the apartment complex received knife wounds to the back of the head, but his injuries were non-life threatening.

Police say the attack was not random and not something residents in the area should be worried about.

Police tried to track the suspects with a K-9 unit, but did not come up with anything.

Spokane Police Major Crimes Detectives are investigating.

Spokane proposes new measures for road repairs, Riverfront Park

Spokane proposes new measures for road repairs, Riverfront Park

Potholes have become a punch line for out-of-towners and residents alike. Spokane's potholes even have an account on Facebook, from the perspective of the pavement.

"I've lived in other cities and this is by far the worst," Karla Fox said.

Other drivers agree.

"They try to repair, reuse it year over year over year, but it just gets worse," Andy Phan said.

Monroe Street gets a lot of attention from drivers, because of the little attention it seems to be receiving. Monday, Mayor David Condon said Monroe and others like it will be fixed if a new measure passes. He plans to refinance three street and parks bonds to pay for it.
"Just as citizens have refinanced their homes and used the savings to make other investments, we are proposing to refinance several bond measures and gain greater results for the same dollar," Condon said.

Voters passed a 2004 streets bond. While most of the work is complete, it will still take ten years to pay off. The mayor hopes voters to pass a levy at the same rate you're already paying, you'll just pay for a longer period of time.