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Suspect arrested for nearly identical oxycodone robberies

Suspect arrested for nearly identical oxycodone robberies

A Spokane man has been arrested for two nearly identical oxycodone robberies at the same drug store in less than a week.

Steven Prigan, 22, was arrested Monday night at a residence in the 700 block of N. Oak Street by members of the Patrol Anti-Crime Team for the robberies of the Walgreens drug store at 12 E. Empire on November 12 and November 17.

In the first robbery, a man robbed the store of oxycodone at knifepoint just before midnight. Police attempted a K-9 track but were unsuccessful in locating the suspect, but they got surveillance footage from the store which was shared with the public.

Five days later on November 17 around 8:45 p.m. police again responded to the same store for another report of an oxycodone robbery at knifepoint.

The description of the suspect from the second robbery was similar to that of the first.

Police received numerous tips on the robberies, including several that identified Prigan as the suspect, and he was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail Tuesday night on two counts of 1st Degree Robbery.

Preventing gonorrhea, one phone call at a time

Preventing gonorrhea, one phone call at a time

Health program specialist Anna Halloran with the Spokane Regional Health District is helping prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea or chlamydia one phone call at a time.

Halloran makes the calls others can't or don't want to make and the person on the other line should take a moment to listen.

"Reactions really vary. Some people just kind of take it in stride. Some people cry. Some people are really angry and may want to know who exposed them to an infection," she said.

Halloran is the only one in the city of Spokane who has the job of calling people who may have been exposed to gonorrhea or chlamydia. It's tough news to drop on someone but it's also a conversation that's better to have sooner rather than later.

"It's not something I went to school for," Halloran said.

Unfortunately, with an outbreak of gonorrhea in Spokane County right now, she's been making those calls a lot more frequently recently.

"A lot of people do talk to their partners. I would say the majority talk to their partners and help insure they get taken care of," she said.

Good Samaritan, neighbors help nab shoplifter

A Good Samaritan and a group of neighbors helped police nab an alleged shoplifter and gave them some fairly big clues as to the identity of the shoplifter's getaway driver.

Witnesses first said they saw someone on foot chasing a guy carrying a five-pack of DeWalt power tools across a parking lot at Lowe's, located at 6606 N. Division. When Jason Lelbach saw the getaway car stop at Arby's to pick up the individual he called 9-1-1 to report what he had seen.

Lelback then followed the car as he spoke with dispatchers, however the shoplifters figured out they were being followed and accelerated as they hit a school zone on North Cedar Street.

"By the time we got to Cedar and Rowan we were going about 55 miles an hour down the road and they were going too fast for me and I thought I'm going to let them go and then Boom! they ran into this and they were probably going 70 miles an hour," Lelback said.

The shoplifters t-boned a van crossing the intersection, causing that vehicle to roll, but fortunately no one was hurt in the crash.

North Spokane fire investigated as arson

Spokane fire investigators are looking into a possible arson case in North Spokane Monday.

A fire broke out at a home on Barnes and Whitehouse roads Sunday around 5:30 p.m.

Fire officials say they believe the fire started in the garage.

The fire does appear to be suspicious and is being investigated as an arson.

Robber hits North Spokane Banner Bank branch

Police are investigating a robbery at the Banner Bank branch near the intersection of Division and Lyons in North Spokane.

The robbery happened around 5 p.m. Thursday.

The suspect fled the bank on foot with an unknown amount of money. Traffic in the area prevented police from conducting a K-9 track.

The suspect is described as a male in his mid 30s who is about six feet tall. He was wearing jeans, tennis shoes, a tan jacket with a red hooded sweatshirt underneath and a dark beanie. He is not believed to be armed.

City preparing to add sidewalks on Rowan

Sidewalks, or a lack thereof, are a bigger issue than you may think in Spokane, and Thursday the city is telling neighbors on the north side of town their plans to make one neighborhood safer.

Rowan Avenue is an arterial street, so sidewalks that aren't wheelchair accessible just wont cut it. Besides that there are really just patches of sidewalks on Rowan that just sort of end, so you end up either walking on someone's grass or in the street. Neighbors say it's a safety issue that they're happy to see the city address

"My son goes to school right over here so you know the sidewalk will at least give people a safe place to walk," Anthony Bradshaw said.

Bradshaw hasn't lived at his home near the intersection of Rowan Ave. and Madison Road very long, but he's already noticed some issues with pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

"Lots of time, people don't even slow down, they don't even acknowledge when they turn that corner right there at Rowan off of Monroe and boom its on the gas right down to Maple," he said.

Thieves steal Spokane Fire Department mountain bikes, medical gear

The Spokane Police Department is investigating a break-in at Spokane Fire Station 15, where nine mountain bikes were stolen from a locked trailer.

The department's Ped-Med Trailer was staged at Station 15, located at 2120 E. Wellesley in North Spokane. According to the fire department, someone cut the lock of the trailer and stole nine mountain bikes and some medical equipment.

The department said it doesn't have an event it has to staff involving the Ped-Med team until May 2014 so they have time for either the police department to find the stolen gear or for the fire department to find the money to replace the stolen equipment.