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Beck's Harvest House opens for the season

Beck's Harvest House opens for the season

Easter weekend marks the start of the season for Beck's Harvest House.

After having to cancel the event the last two years because of muddy field conditions, thousands of people came out to participate in their orchard egg hunt.

Families were happy to take advantage of the great weather and get outdoors.

"Just wanted to be out and enjoy the sun and enjoy family time together," said Joel Brennan, who visited the orchards Sunday with his family.

A lot more people came out than Beck's Harvest House had anticipated.

"Which is great we love having the people come out," said Todd Beck, Beck's Harvest House Owner.

Beck said the spring is a great time to visit because the crowds are smaller, and it's one of the prettiest times of year.

"You can really see nature open up for the spring and it's just a great get away. Get the kids out here and show them how fruit starts and where it comes from," said Beck.

Beck's Harvest House is open Friday through Sunday, then seven days a week starting in mid May.

Police arrest 3rd McDonald's robbery suspect

A third suspect has been arrested in connection with the McDonald's robbery on Thursday.

28-year-old Sean Lee Gilbert has been arrested in connection with the robbery.

Spokane Police Major Crimes detectives have established probable cause for 1 count of 1st Degree Robbery stemming from the April 17 robbery at the McDonald's at 2200 W. Wellesley.

Gilbert was arrested by Spokane Valley Police on Friday and booked into Spokane County Jail.

New food truck hopes to WOW your tastebuds

New food truck hopes to WOW your tastebuds

The next time you're looking for lunch and don't want to leave the office, Spokane's newest food truck might be the way to go.

WOW Food Truck is usually parked in north Spokane just off of Highway 2.

They have been open for six weeks and offer over 100 menu options from breakfast burritos to funnel cakes and just about everything in between.

Owners John and Alina Munoz moved to Spokane from Los Angeles where they say you could always find your favorite food just around the corner and they wanted to bring that experience with them.

"Thinking about all that, we never realized how much we were going to miss all that comfort food. We've been in the food business for quite some time and we have had several of these trucks, but this one is in a class of its own."

The WOW truck is located at 9304 North Newport Highway near the Home Depot. They also deliver and have a drive-thru window.

Police: Baby on board during fast food heist

Spokane Police arrested two people accused of robbing a McDonald's last night with an eight-month-old baby in their back seat and detectives think the pair are responsible for several other recent holdups.

This week there has been several robberies at fast food drive thrus where the suspect approaches the window on foot while another customer is in the middle of a transaction, grabs some cash from the drive thru and then bolts on foot.

Thursday night, as other customers waited in line for their dinner at McDonald's near the intersection of Belt and Wellesely in northwest Spokane, a masked man ran up to the drive thru, forced way inside the window and grabbed the drawer from the cashier.

What the thief didn't realize is that several witnesses would tail the suspect to his waiting get away car.

"I have to extend a word of gratitude to these people who are sitting there and are composed enough to see what is happening and take a moment to get a very, very good description," Spokane Police Captain Brad Arleth said.

Five sherpa in Everest avalanche employed by Seattle guide service

Five sherpa in Everest avalanche employed by Seattle guide service

An avalanche on Mt. Everest has claimed the lives of 13 sherpa from Nepal, some of whom were working for a Seattle-based climbing company, in the single deadliest disaster on the tallest mountain in the world.

Witnesses said the deadly avalanche came out of nowhere during the early morning hours as the guides had gone to set up ropes for hundreds of climbers gathered at base camp.

Among the dead were five sherpa who were contracted through the Seattle guide company Alpine Ascents.

Local climber Kay Leclaire summated Everest in 2009, used Alpine Ascents before and has been to the exact spot where the sherpa were killed.

"They were wonderful strong people," Leclaire said.

When she summited Everest in 2009, Chhewang Nima Sherpa was by her side. The next year he was killed while climbing.

Sherpa are native mountain people who are extremely fit. Many have climbed Everest multiple times.

"Most climbers, the majority of us, would not be able to summit Everest without their help," Leclaire said.

Two arrested after North Spokane McDonalds drive-thru robbery

Two people were taken into custody following a North Spokane McDonalds drive-thru robbery Thursday evening.

The robbery of the fast food restaurant at Belt and Wellesley was the third one hit in as many days, and police credited the assistance of several witnesses for helping corral the suspects.

"Actually it's kind of interesting because they're actually on a date when they saw this go down," Lt. Craig Meidl said.

The two witnesses told police they saw a masked man leaving the McDonalds drive-thru with something in his hand. The witnesses said they watched him get inside a silver truck in a nearby parking lot and take off. The witnesses followed the truck and called police.

Shortly after, officers located the vehicle at an apartment complex in north Spokane. Witnesses said the woman stayed in the vehicle, while the man fled.

"We heard sirens and I opened up my back door and the suspect ran right past me and my son,? John Svavrsson said. ?He looked at us and jumped over the fence that's behind our apartment complex."

SWAT situation ends peacefully in North Spokane

SWAT situation ends peacefully in North Spokane

A SWAT standoff ended without incident early Friday morning in north Spokane.

Police were called out to the 3900 block of North Post after a woman reported a man she had a restraining order against was in her home. She also said the man had sent her text messages indicating he wanted to commit "suicide-by-cop."

Police arrived on scene and two people exited the home. They told officers the man was armed inside the home.

SWAT was called to the scene. After about an hour of officers trying to communicate with the man he came out of the home.

He was arrested without incident.