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Cooper Elementary mourning loss of Gracie Snider

Cooper Elementary mourning loss of Gracie Snider

Cooper Elementary School is grieving the loss of Gracie Snider, a 10-year-old fourth grader at the school, a star student and soccer player who died in a car accident last weekend while coming home from a game in Yakima.

Cooper Elementary has suffered a great loss, with everyone in mourning. The situation is even more difficult because Gracie's mom Gretchen is the school counselor. She's like the rock of the school, but can't be at school right now. Now students and staff members are leaning on each other and doing what they can to keep Gracie's memory alive.

"We have a desk in our class right now that is empty and it's Gracie's spot," Fourth grade teacher Janelle Campasino said.

"There is a void that is going to be there because she is not there," former teacher Tiffany Santos said.

"Gracie was probably one of the kindest, most amazing children you will ever meet," Cooper Elementary Principal Rona Williams said.

Last week she was running around on the playground, and learning math and science in Ms. Campasino's class.

"I'm so struck at the impact one small little girl had on so many people," Campasino said.

Newtech Skill Center popularity driving major expansion

Newtech Skill Center popularity driving major expansion

At a time when state lawmakers are questioning the usefulness of some technical schools, one local center that trains high school students is so popular, it's outgrown its current space.

Newtech Skill Center in North Spokane works with students from 11 different districts, teaching them technical skills like culinary, automotive, welding and fabrication to name a few. One of their main goals is to make sure that every student that leaves here is ready for the workforce or for higher education.

In the kitchen, aspiring chefs are busy cooking everything from savory to sweet.

"Great food just prepared right here in the kitchen," student Isaac Demaine said.

Demaine is still in high school but, like all the other students at the skill center, spend half their day at Newtech.

"We learn everything from making pasta to baking, to practically anything and everything," Demaine said.

Newtech director Will Sarett said one of the center's main goals is that every student earn at least one industry recognized certificate.

April showers bring road construction season

April showers bring road construction season

Springtime is here, which means its time for flowers to bloom and road construction season to get underway across Spokane.

A construction project is already underway along Francis from Nevada to Crestline and starting next month High Drive from 29th Avenue to Hatch Road will get a makeover.

"There's two seasons in Spokane. It's winter and road construction," Shaun Mazur, an employee at Spike's, said.

Spike's is just one of the many businesses caught right in the middle of all of the construction.

The repairs are one of the last projects under the 2004 street bond, which is rehabilitating the roadway from Crestline to Division and the slower days have caused Spike's to make some changes to how they operate.

"On Mondays and Tuesdays we've started opening later in the day because we weren't doing enough business in those days to justify being open," Mazur said.

The owner of Spike's said the city has bent over backwards to make the construction process as easy as possible, and there is no doubt the streets needed the work.

Snyder to host Thursday's Council Connection

Snyder to host Thursday's Council Connection

From the City of Spokane:

The next edition of “Council Connection,” the cable television program featuring Spokane City councilmembers as hosts will be shown live, Thursday, May 8, at 6 p.m. on CityCable 5.


Spokane Indians holding open mascot tryouts

Spokane Indians holding open mascot tryouts

From the Spokane Indians:

The Spokane Indians are looking for Team Mascot Performers and will be holding open tryouts on Thursday, May 8th from 4:00 to 6:00 PM at Avista Stadium. A resume is required, but previous experience is not.


Minister helps police bust burglar

Minister helps police bust burglar

On Sundays, Jack Johnston serves his community as a minister at Life Center Church. On Tuesday, however, he served his community by tracking down and helping police arrest a would-be burglar.

Jack Johnston is a muscular minister who blends his faith and physique to steer young people down the right path,

"I'm just very active in the ministry at Life Center Church and I run a muscle ministry for kids ages 18 up to 30. You know I try to get them active spiritually, physically and mentally, and improve their lives and keep them away from drugs and other bad things," Johnston said.

Tuesday however, he used some impressive detective work to help police put a convicted felon in jail.

Witnesses say a man police later identified as Lelbert Williams was using a screwdriver to pry his way into anything hanging on a hinge.

"So I came down and saw the door was open but it had these pry marks on it and stuff so I went through it real quick to make sure nobody was in there. and I thought, this guy could possibly still be in the neighborhood," Johnston said.

INHS offering free skin cancer screenings

INHS offering free skin cancer screenings

Is that mole something to be concerned about? Still worried about the damage done by that blistering sunburn last year? Inland Northwest Health Services wants you to get screened for skin cancer, and they’re making it easy by offering free screenings.