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Spokane named among tidiest cities in America

Spokane named among tidiest cities in America

It doesn't matter if your home is a cluttered mess, or if everything is always in it's place, if you live in Spokane you happen to live in one of the tidiest cities in the country. The SpareFoot Blog released a list of the top ten tidiest cities and Spokane rounded off the list coming in at number 10.


The SpareFoot Blog is published bu the SpareFoot, Inc., a tech startup out Austin, Texas that specializes in self storage. The blog looked at the how much people spend cleaning supplies, how many maids and housekeepers are employed and at how many square feet of storage space is available in the 100 most populated metro areas in the U.S.


Spokane came in at number ten because of the amount of money Spokanites spend on cleaning supplies compared to their income. Albuquerque, New Mexico came in at number one because there is around 11 square feet of storage space per person and residents spend an average of $622 a year on cleaning supplies.


Northwest Farm Fresh takes the farmer's market online

Northwest Farm Fresh takes the farmer's market online

In an effort to increase accessibility to fresh, local produce and goods, Northwest Farm Fresh started offering an online forum for farmers in Stevens County to sell their goods. Just a year and half later, the online farmer's market is expanding to Spokane.


Shelly Stevens has been actively involved in the Chewelah Farmer's Market since it's inception in 2008. After seeing a need for more connection between customers and local farmers she started working on an online version.


“There's many small farmers that are trying to make this their main source of income,” said Stevens.


Stevens took inspiration from a farmer's co-op in Sandpoint and went from there. In March of 2012 Northwest Farm Fresh, originally called Chewelah Valley Fresh Market, went live. In November of that year the online farmer's market added Colville to it's service region.


Millwood man honors friend with 1,898 pound potato donation

Millwood man honors friend with 1,898 pound potato donation

Last week a Millwood man donated 1,898 pounds of potatoes that he grew in his own back yard to Second Harvest. For Jim Youngman the donation was about more than feeding the hungry, it was about keeping a promise to a friend.


In May 2012, Youngman was visiting with a good friend and fellow Vietnam veteran shortly before he died of cancer. Youngman's friend asked him about the land behind Youngman's home and then asked him to do him a favor.


“He asked me, 'Would you do something for me?',” said Youngman. “So to honor his memory I did what I did.”


So to honor a request made by a dear friend to grow a crop for Second Harvest, Youngman purchased a tractor and started tilling about an acre of land. When the Millwood community got wind of what Youngman and his wife, Paige, were up to they stepped up to lend a hand.


Project Playhouse Benefits Local Community Centers

Project Playhouse Benefits Local Community Centers

What kid wouldn't want to play in their very own firehouse? Or perhaps hang out with the wizards and elves of Middle Earth from their hobbit house? Well, some very lucky families will get to do just that after visiting the Project Playhouse auction this weekend.


Last year the parks board cut funding for the West Central Community Center's recreational programs. This cut mainly affected the center's before and after school youth programs. Kim Ferraro, the Executive Director, had the idea for Project Playhouse after seeing a similar fundraiser in Montana.


West Central has teamed up with the Northeast Youth Center and Peaceful Valley Community Center to put on the auction. The Home Builders Association, Avista and other local businesses are sponsoring the event and have built the the themed playhouses. Spokane City Council members Steve Salvatori, Mike Fagan, and Mike Allen were also involved in setting up the project.


Natural Living Show

Learning how to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle has never been more easy.  This weekend, more than three dozen vendors will be on hand at the Natural Living Show to help you make better choices for your body, environment and our community.

The show will feature local cheese-makers and handmade soaps. And, if you ever wanted to have your own eggs fresh from your backyard there will be a workshop on urban chickens too.

Here are all the details:

 Saturday, October 13th

10 am-6 pm

Spokane Community College Lair

Admission is $7, although if you swing by Sun People Dry Goods located at 32 West 2nd Avenue, Suite 200 you can pick up FREE passes!

Spokane River rising around Peaceful Valley

Spokane River rising around Peaceful Valley

Don't let the picture above fool you, most homeowners in Peaceful Valley along the Spokane River aren't worried about flooding yet.

The City of Spokane has dropped off a truck filled with sand - just in case though.

The Director of the Peaceful Valley Communtiy Center says the river is still 3 to 4 feet away from actual flood stage, and that they're thankful for the sand. If the river does flood, residents will have to buy and fill their own sandbags to build a man-made dike to ward off the rising waters.

The picture above was snapped in the back yard of a woman's home which is directly above the Spokane River. The portion under water constitutes about 10% of her total back yard.