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Burn Fats With Fats | Health

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Burn Fats With Fats
Burn Fats With Fats

Justin Rundle is a professional fitness trainer and Head Fitness Pro at North Park in Spokane. In fact he will be competing the Emerald Cup at The Northern Quest Casino. So he knows a few things about the proper diet. In this edition of his KXLY fitness blog we talked about the importance of proper fats in your diet. Believe or not there's a way to burn fat with fat.

To continue the series of nutrition and fitness blogs, let’s focus in on another major macronutrient staple in ones diet. Fats are another trendy source of exclusion to many fad diets. However, they are as important as carbs and proteins when the correct type and quantity of fat is distributed throughout the day.

Follow along to know why and how fats can actually help burn fat:

Step One: Know What You Are Messing With!

Fats (I’m referring to the unsaturated good fats) help aid in providing one’s body with energy, hormone regulation and brain function, eye function and help prevent ailments such as heart disease, strokes, depression and arthritis.

With recent segments of Dr. Oz talking about the importance of essential fatty acids, and EFFA’s supplementation decreasing one’s waist size almost instantly. This is true, but does not necessarily mean these supplements are true fat burners by themselves. However, they are aids in completing a balanced diet and contributing to all of the above health benefits, allowing one’s body and metabolism to burn calories efficiently.

Clearly fats can be over or under done. Leading to either a reduction in these functions or body fat storage if over used. So let’s discuss what roughly makes up the appropriate amount of daily fats.

To establish a rough estimate of daily calorie allowance for calories, take your weight and multiply that number by 15. This puts you in a healthy maintenance level if eating from lean proteins, complex carbs and good fats. Then, depending on your goal, you can deduct around 500 calories for weight loss or add calories for contributing to lean mass gain (Of course this is assuming one is implementing the ideal exercise program for target goal). Next, to establish fat calories, multiply your target goal, calorie allowance by 20%. Then take this number and divide it up by 5-6, depending on how many meals you are having throughout the day. Now you know what serving size of fat calories you can have per meal.

Now, stick to good unsaturated fats. Apply nuts, avocadoes, olive oil, flax seed oil and peanut or almond butter to satisfy hunger cravings and complete the balance in your daily diet. Also, supplements such as Fish Oil, ALA, GLA and CLA can be purchased individually and in a complex form to aid in meeting fat calories. Going beyond these fats makes your goal incredibly hard to manage and increases your chances of body fat storage.

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