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Pooch Pilates Gets Owners and Pets Moving | Events

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Pooch Pilates Gets Owners and Pets Moving
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Pooch Pilates Gets Owners and Pets Moving

When Sandra Philbin's dog started to slow down she started to look for ways to spend more time with the Boarder Collie while keeping her active. Now, Philbin is offering group fitness classes that keep dogs and their owners healthy and active.

Philbin founded Designer Fitness in 1988 and has been working as a personal trainer in Spokane ever since. Her Boarder Collie, Misty, was the inspiration for her new fitness classes, Pilates Plus 4 Pooch and U. Misty was active until she was 17, but then she started to slow down. To keep Misty moving, Philbin started to look for ways to incorporate the pooch into her work outs.

“They're getting their dog moving and their moving,” said Philbin of the latest Pilates Plus 4 Pooch and U class. On Saturday, June 22nd, a group of about seven pet owners worked on their fitness at SCRAPS.

Together, owners worked on cardio, resistance and balance training. Each portion of the work out had a modification for their four legged friend. Balance taught the dogs to stand on their hind legs, creating strength in the animal's core muscles. The walking and jogging got the pet's heart rates up and Philbin said that they even learned how to do a dog version of a push up.

“It was awesome,” said Philbin. “And the dogs did exceptional.”

However, the class is about more than being active with your dog. Philbin hope participants make a “heart to heart” connection with their pets and are able to create a stronger bond during her class. During the class, the dogs responded so well to their owners that when came time for the relaxation breathing portion, the dogs laid down next to their owners and did some relaxing of their own.

“Everybody seemed to really enjoy it,” said Philbin. “They were just really excited to give back to other dogs.”

The registration fees for the classes benefits local pooch related charities. Saturday's class fees were donated to SCRAPS. The next two classes will be held at Diamond in the Ruff and will benefit the Pawsitive Dog Prison Training Program.

There are two Pilates Plus 4 Pooch and U classes scheduled for July, and the per-registartion deadline is July 5th. Philbin requires release forms for both owners and their dogs to ensure that everyone is safe to participate. All dogs are encouraged to join the fun, no matter age or breed, the just have to be leash trained as they will be on a leash during the class.

Pilates Plus 4 Pooch and U

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