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City pursues charges against Hillyard woman for animal cruelty

City pursues charges against Hillyard woman for animal cruelty

The City of Spokane will advance with prosecution against a Hillyard woman for animal cruelty. Laneva M. Erskine, 54, was arraigned Wednesday and faces nine counts of 2nd Degree Animal Cruelty from a search warrant served earlier this year.

On February 8, animal protection services removed 50 animals from the 3622 E. Crown home including cats, dogs and some puppies that the city says were unweaned. The smell of animal waste was prevalent from the street as SpokAnimal searched the property.

The case is being handled by the city’s assistant prosecutor, Matthew Folsom. He’ll have to prove that Erskine mistreated and neglected the animals with the help of a veterinarian who can certify the harm, though most of the animals were adopted following the search warrant. Some had to be euthanized due to their poor health.

According to court documents dated March 16, each of the nine counts of animal cruelty were based on cruelty of cats who exhibited signs of matted fur, urine burns, fleas, dehydration, malnutrition, hair loss and more.

Pit bull shot during home invasion, released from animal clinic

Pit bull shot during home invasion, released from animal clinic

The dog shot following a home invasion Tuesday evening was released from the Garland Animal Clinic this afternoon. Guardian, a two year-old pit bull, chased the subjects along Corbin Park after they stormed into a home at 814 W. Euclid.

Just before 9:41 p.m., the victim, Travis Scott, says he was expecting friends to stop by when he heard two knocks at the door. It happened fast, but when he answered, there were two guns pointed at him.

As the men left the home, Guardian, a 87-pound “tank of a dog”, ran out the door and chased them nearly five blocks to the 400 block of West Park. That’s where he was shot three times, sending him to an emergency animal clinic.

Scott didn’t see his dog shot. He heard the shots and Guardian’s yelp of pain. When he got around the corner, Guardian was unable to move. Neighbors say they saw it all and even got a partial description of the suspect’s vehicle. Neighbors say the men took off in a older white van with bi-fold doors on the side. There were no windows and there was a faded Shock sticker on the back.

Community Coverage of North Spokane Deputy Shootout

Community Coverage of North Spokane Deputy Shootout

For those that have been following the news lately, we've been covering the recent deputy shootout heavily.

I'd like to use this time to remind everyone to send us story ideas for things happening in your community. You're always welcome to email me personally at nicoleh@kxly.com since I'm the one managing, producing and writing the majority of the content.

To see what we've been working on www.kxly.com and other community sites, here's a few useful links of the shooting coverage:

Timeline: A Routine Traffic Stop

This is a call feature we put a lot of work into. It documents all the confirmed related events into a timeline so you know what happened and when. It's very visual with a brief description of the incidents. Includes photos, video and audio from dispatch.

Spokane Valley deputies help respond to Tuesday's shooting

While we drove north to respond to breaking news, we saw vehicles from nearly every law enforcement area in the region. Spokane Valley deputies were some of those who responded to the scene. They had to drive 19+ miles to respond via I-90 and other roads to get to the area of north Spokane.

Code-99 screams over scanner traffic from injured deputies

You can listen to the dispatch audio that was broadcast on the public police scanners. The shout that started it all, an injured deputy screaming code-99 into his radio.

Burglar targets unsold yard sale goods

Burglar targets unsold yard sale goods

The unsold goods of a yard sale were target of a residential burglar this afternoon. Spokane Police arrested Michael J. Pierce, 35, after he broke into a home near 30 E. Princeton.

Witnesses say they saw him and included a vehicle description which led police to his location near Yoke’s along North Foothills.

Items that didn’t sell in the homeowner’s yard sale over the weekend were left in an enclosed porch for the Arc of Spokane to pick up. Pierce did take those items. Police found the stolen goods inside his car.

Pierce had a warrant for his arrest as well and he was linked to the attempted burglary. He was booked into Spokane County Jail for residential burglary.

AIM Report: Problem Intersection Identified By NRO

According to this week's AIM Report released by Spokane Police Department, an entire intersection in West Central is causing problems for Neighborhood Resource Officer Traci Douglas, she’s been focusing on the T-intersection of Oak and Boone. She says there are about five houses and apartments in that intersection that are a problem.

Douglas is dealing with one drug house in the 1800 block of West Boone that recently had a search warrant served for heroin and meth. Six subjects were taken to jail, but most have since been released. Douglas says a drug notice has been sent to the landlord.

Also in the 1800 block of West Boone, arrests were made in regards to a pizza delivery robbery earlier this year.

Douglas says there are also some burglars living in the 1700 block of West Boone that have recently been arrested, but they are... once again back out.

Anniversary Of Otto Zehm's Death

Anniversary Of Otto Zehm's Death

Over the last six years, Otto Zehm has become a household name in Spokane; but it's a name that came to be recognized by a series of traumatic events. It's a name that came to be recognized because of his death and the way he died.

Exactly six years ago, on March 20th, 2006, Otto Zehm passed away from the injuries he received from Spokane Police. Zehm was beaten and tasered by Spokane Police at a Northside Zip Trip in 2006. He died two days later. An investigation into his death later showed Zehm did nothing to provoke it.

Just last Fall, a jury convicted Spokane Police Officer Karl Thompson of using excessive force in Zehm's death. He was also convicted of lying about the attack on Zehm and what lead up to it. Thompson is currently appealing the court's decision.

Zehm's family told KXLY Thompson's conviction helps bring justice to their lost loved one.