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Sweet Frostings Brings Bliss to the Northside | Business

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Sweet Frostings Brings Bliss to the Northside
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Sweet Frostings Brings Bliss to the Northside

You can't help but be happy when you enter Sweet Frostings Blissful Baskeshop in Downtown Spokane. Now, the mavins of cupcakes are taking that sweet joy all the way to the Northside with a new retail store.

When Judy Rozier and Sally Winfrey opened Sweet Frostings in November 2011, they planned on opening more shops around Spokane. They even anticipated growth when designing the size of their kitchen a store front.

Just a year and a half later the ladies are ready to make the move and will be opening up shop in Wandermere. The Northside is excited to have them, when the bake shop announced the new location on Facebook the post got just under 600 likes and 150 comments.

“It's really the place that the a lot of the Northside goes to mingle.” explains Rozier.

Rozier started baking after retiring from a stressful career in mortgage lending. She says she knew that if she went back to work she wanted it to be something that she loved and was passionate about. After a few confectionery disappointments Rozier decided to try her hand at something she'd never done before. Baking.

“I found this peace in the kitchen I never knew I had,” says Rozier. Soon, family and friends were asking her to bake for their events, and after teaming up with Winfrey, Sweet Frostings was born.

“Once you find your passion it really easy,” says Rozier, “It's not work, it's fun.”

Rozier and Winfrey designed their Tiffany blue bake shop to be a place where people could come in and let the stress of the day melt away into something blissful. This same philosophy will carry over into the Wandermere store.

The ceiling is already sporting Sweet Frosting's signature light blue paint and will soon be filled with pastel colors and whimsical decorations. The shop will also be home to a party room so that Sweet Frostings can accommodate the frequent requests they receive to host baby and bridal showers.

“It's really shocking how many people just love our stuff,” says Rozier, “It's really awesome that people love what we do.”

Sweet Frostings Blissful Bakery will open in Wandermere sometime in August. If the first retail branch does well, Rozier and Winfrey hope to open stores on the South Hill and in Liberty Lake. Eventually the pair wants to franchise the brand and expand so people in other cities can enjoy their sweet treats.  

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