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Spokane Symphony Musicians approve new contract

Spokane Symphony Musicians approve new contract

The Spokane Symphony Society announced Tuesday that the musicians of the Orchestra and the Board of Trustees have unanimously approved and ratified a new two-year labor agreement.

“This new agreement recognizes the dedication and talent of our musicians, and it demonstrates our commitment to them. We understand that their artistry is an important asset that enriches the vitality of our region, enhancing our city's reputation as an attractive place to live and work,” said Executive Director Brenda Nienhouse. “This spirit of partnership and joint problem-solving as we move forward together has the Symphony poised for great things as we launch our 2014-15 Super-Sonic Season and plan for the future.”

Remembering Robin Williams

Remembering Robin Williams

About three months after my heart attack. I was asked the go and introduce Robin Williams at the Fox when he came to town. I got there an hour early because I wanted to make sure that everything went well. After meeting David Steinberg he asked if I would you like to meet Robin. Of course, I said.

We went to Robin Williams room made introductions, some small talk. I told him that I had spent time growing up in Denver, Colorado and also in Boulder, where the Mork and Mindy house was. He explained how the owner of the house had sued the production company  several times never really winning because as the show became so popular. People come by it at all hours screaming for Mork or Mindy to come out.

I talked about how the food in his room was heart healthy and he said he had open heart surgery sometime before that and was trying to eat healthy. I said I had a heart attack and I died and he immediately shot back " show off !".

David said let's go back to my room and go over  the script .

INB Performing Arts Center prepares for 10-millionth guest

INB Performing Arts Center prepares for 10-millionth guest

The INB Performing Arts Center is preparing for a massive milestone – their 10-millionth guest!

Based on estimated ticket sales INB says they plan to receive number 10 million on the evening of Thursday, August 14 at the performance of Book of Mormon.

Johnna Boxley, General Manager of the Spokane Convention Center and INB Performing Arts Center is excited to be part of such a monumental event.

“It's an honor to welcome our 10-millionth guest at INB this year,” Boxley said. “This milestone is a testament to the variety and quality of the events held in the INB during the last 40 years. We are proud to be able to provide such a great gathering place for the region.”

When doors open at 6:30 pm that evening, INB will begin monitoring the scanners. They estimate the unknowing guest of honor will arrive before 7:30, and plan to honor them with a short presentation 10 minutes before showtime.

Whitworth named among top universities in the West

Whitworth named among top universities in the West

For the sixth year in a row, Whitworth University has been designated one of the best colleges and universities in the West in a recent college guide published by The Princeton Review.

The education-services company ranked Whitworth among 123 institutions in the “Best Western Colleges” section of it's website feature, “2015 Best Colleges: Region by Region,” which was posted Tuesday.

The Princeton Review chooses schools based on institutional data it collects from several hundred schools in each region, on visits to schools, and on the opinions of independent and high-school-based college advisors. It also takes into account students' reports about their campus experience. Only schools that permit The Princeton Review to survey their students independently are eligible to be considered for the regional “best” lists.

National Geographic Live in Spokane

National Geographic Live in Spokane

A new series is coming to Spokane designed to inspire the next generation and open a window on often unseen world.

National Geographic Live is a four-part speaker series bringing award winning photographers, filmmakers, scientists and explorers to the INB Performing Arts Center to show off their works and engage the audience in a question and answer series about their experiences.

The first event comes in early October, featuring underwater photographers and videographers David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes as they explore the ocean from warm tropical waters to the polar ice caps.

In November, sit down with NASA engineer Kobie Boykins who helped design and build the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity. Boykins will talk about the latest discoveries made on the red planet, and reveal the latest chapter in Mars exploration.

Local game designer looking for success with Kingdoms in Peril

If you're a board game enthusiast who's always on the lookout for a new addition, you may want to check out local Spokane designer Thomas Kaufman and his fast-paced, highly competitive card game Kingdoms in Peril.

I had the chance to sit down and learn Kingdoms recently, and picked it up almost immediately. Set in the ancient middle east (the cards themselves designed with historical carvings from 700 BC, featured in the British museum), each player builds their own kingdom of villages and towns with their capital as the crowning jewel.

Once set-up is complete, players then go to work building a hand of cards that houses their armies, equipment and defensive tactics before turning on each other in an ancient battle royal. To the victor go the spoils, and with a two-hour time limit the winner is declared by either a tally of points (each village, town and city has a numbered value when captured) or when one kingdom emerges victorious.