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Cure for Cat - The video blog
Cure for Cat - The video blog

For the last couple of months, you've been following along as we've shared the story of Cat Davis. She's a 25-year old woman from Spokane, facing a life-threatening illness. You heard her story and answered the call, raising more than $140,000 to help her pay for a life-saving stem-cell transplant.

Now, Cat is in Chicago preparing for that transplant that YOU helped pay for! She has a lot of testing to do and chemo when she's ready. In the meantime, her trip to the Windy City is full of doctor's visits and procedures. She's found out already, the disease is progressing faster than they thought. Every minute counts and I can't wait to hear that she's ready for the procedure.

While she's there, Cat is updating everyone with a video blog. It's a great way to hear about her "adventures" and to stay in touch with her until she gets home for Christmas. And, I love seeing that smiling face, despite all she's going through.

To see more of Cat's video blogs and read more about upcoming fundraisers, click here or search "Cure for Cat" on Facebook.

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