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Homeowner stabbed during home invasion robbery

Spokane Police are investigating a stabbing that happened at a residence near the intersection of Maple Street and Jackson Avenue Monday morning.

According to officials, the robber was inside a home while the homeowner was downstairs in the basement. When he was confronted by the homeowner the suspect was rifling through the victim's refrigerator.

The robber then allegedly stabbed the homeowner and fled the residence.

"The person that was inside the house got a hold of a kitchen knife and stabbed the homeowner," Spokane Police Captain Keith Cummings said.

Police aren't sure what the intruder was doing in the kitchen, but neighbors like Len Pupo believe it could have been a transient.

"We've had police a lot here a lot. We've had three break ins in the last month," Len Pupo said.

Pupo lives down the street and said he often sees transients in the neighborhood.

"They had squatters in a house back over there they found sleeping bags and other stuff in that house over there that's empty," he said.

Spokane Fire moves to electronic patient records

Spokane Fire moves to electronic patient records

From the City of Spokane:


In an effort that will make Spokane safer, the Spokane Fire Department switched Monday morning  to a digital patient records system.


Pit bulls behind Thursday attack may be declared dangerous

Pit bulls behind Thursday attack may be declared dangerous

Three people were injured, two of them hospitalized, after two pit bulls attacked several people in the 1800 block of East Bridgeport Thursday afternoon.

Police say an 8-year-old girl and a 50-year-old man were severely injured and were hospitalized. Both were released from the hospital Friday.

Neighbors and investigators describe the scene Thursday night as chaotic. Witnesses say it started when some kids let the two pit bulls out of a home's backyard.

The dogs attacked an 8-year-old girl first and neighbors jumped in to try and save her.

"As soon as the neighbors were able to get the dog off one person, the dog would go after another person so it was an ongoing chaotic scene," Spokane Police Lieutenant Craig Meidl said.

Jason Connerly saw his neighbor, a 50-year-old man, pinned to the ground with dogs on top of him.

"His face was torn up, his arm was torn up, he had blood everywhere," Connerly said.

During the melee Connerly was also bitten on his hands and legs, though his injuries were not as severe as the other two.

Connerly hit the dogs with a shovel until they went away.

Dan Abrams: Jury may struggle to convict Gerlach

Dan Abrams: Jury may struggle to convict Gerlach

ABC News Legal Analyst Dan Abrams predicted on Good Morning America Friday morning the jury may struggle to convict Gail Gerlack of manslaughter in the shooting death of Brendon Kaluza-Graham last March.

There are a lot of people out there who have concealed weapons permits who could find themselves in the very same situation. You have the right to carry a gun and this case is about when and how you can legally use it to stop a crime.

Using video provided by KXLY, network correspondent Neal Karlinsky detailed the self-defense case and then legal analyst Dan Abrams said given the bullet hole in the back of Gerlach's SUV his use of force probably wasn't justified.

"So the notion he actually saw him turn around, point his finger or thinking he had a gun is unlikely," Abrams said.

However, Abrams then added that it would still be difficult for prosecutors to win a conviction.

"The fact that he stole the car and that this guy is shooting after a guy who stole his car in Spokane, Wash. is going to make it tough to get 12 jurors to convict beyond a reasonable doubt," Abrams said.

Beware the swarm!

Beware the swarm!

Warmer temperatures next week are likely to wake up the area's first wave of yellow jackets, so here's what you need to know to help cut back their numbers before they invade your barbecue later this summer.

Right now it's only the queens that are coming out of hibernation and they're looking for a place to nest and start laying their eggs. If you can catch a queen with a trap now you can really cut back on the number of hornets you'll be battling in the warm weather ahead.

Late last summer a lot of us were at war with yellow jackets.

"They got up over the 90's and that allowed the yellow jacket nests to increase in size and then of course they got aggressive going after meat and food at your picnics," Stephanie Cates with Rescue Pest Control Products said.

As it turns out we could have cut down the number of these pesty party crashers if we had gone after the queen.

"They've been hibernating all winter, they're ready to emerge right now and start finding a new nest location," Cates said.

Court docs say kidnapping victim may have been sexually abused

Court documents state the 2-year-old boy allegedly kidnapped by Richard Welch had marks consistent with sexual abuse on him, prompting a judge to raise Welch's bond to $150,000.

The court also ordered Welch to stay away from the victim.

Welch refused to leave jail for court Thursday, but on Friday, with a security guard behind him, he finally heard the charge of first degree kidnapping against him.

Thursday in a jailhouse interview Welch said he used to have a sex and pornography addiction but not anymore, even though he reportedly went to a strip club the night of the incident.

Court documents state Welch took the victim from his north Spokane home and went back to his Airway Heights apartment. Later he dropped the boy off at a nearby Zip Trip convenience store. Employees called 911, Welch was arrested and the boy checked at a local hospital and released.

"The clerk at this convenience store wisely thought that this individual shouldn't have a child of that age in their possession," Spokane Assistant Police Chief Rick Dobrow said.

British Airways names Spokane top city with weird name

British Airways names Spokane top city with weird name

From Visit Spokane:

Once again, the hub of the Inland Northwest has gained notoriety simply because of its name.

British Airways has included Spokane in a list of "Seven U.S. Cities With Weird Names (And Why You Should Visit)." In fact, Spokane finds itself at No. 1 on the list.