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Shoppers scramble for snow season supplies

The sudden snowfall around the Inland Northwest is leaving shoppers scrambling and retailers rejoicing as winter items are finally flying off the shelves.

"We put it off as long as we could," said Ben Smith.

"We are looking for rubber boots that are warm and we came to the General Store because they always have the boots we're looking for," he said.

He joined hundreds of shoppers, who drifted in to buy everything for hats to hand warmers.

"This year was extremely slow for all winter clothing, winter shoes, snow shovels, ice melt. There was just no winter so we weren't selling anything for quite a while, but today's a little different," said Jon Evans who manages the General Store.

He adds they may run out of some in-demand items.

"With the snow coming, it's just been flying off the shelves. We can't help everybody. Boots, hats, gloves, everything."

The General Store will be restocking it's merchandise constantly, but Evans says they only get one shipment of snow boots, so it's best to get them now while they still have multiple sizes. �

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Snow creates hazardous conditions for Spokane drivers

Snow in the Spokane area caused hazardous driving conditions on Saturday.

We've all heard the advice to slow down while driving during a snow storm, but unfortunately many people still drive too fast for the conditions.

Emergency personnel responded to multiple weather-related slide offs and crashes on Saturday, including one in Mead in which a Waste Management truck and a car collided head-on.

No one was hurt, but firefighters said the incident was definitely weather-related.

Tow truck drivers are often the ones to come help a person out of a snow-related driving mishap.

Bryan Caudill with Franks Towing explained speed is almost always the main cause of a crash in the snow. Caudill said if you don't want to run into him anytime soon, give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

Spokane Roofing delivers timely Christmas gift for SNAP client in need

Spokane Roofing delivers timely Christmas gift for SNAP client in need

This year, the holidays were looking pretty bleak for 83-year-old Becky Sanchez.

The north Spokane resident was scrambling to get to her cancer treatment appointments while dealing with a chronically painful back and a history of heart problems. Despite her physical challenges, Sanchez continued to serve others by volunteering for the local VFW and gathering Christmas presents for kids at Shriner’s Hospital.

To top it off, the roof of Sanchez’s mobile home on Crestline Road was literally caving in.

Living on a fixed budget, Sanchez had no money to pay for badly needed repairs. Water damage to her roof made it so she couldn’t turn on the lights in her kitchen and hallways. With the snow, ice and rain of winter bearing down, Sanchez made a desperate call to SNAP, an agency that had helped her in the past.

Police search for stabbing suspect in north Spokane

Spokane Police are searching for a stabbing suspect in north Spokane near Westview and Nevada. The call came in around 9:30 pm Tuesday night.

K-9 units and a helicopter were used to search for the suspect in the area of Magnesium and Nevada. Police believe the suspect was headed toward a wooded area nearby. No roads were closed, but police asked that people stay out of the area for the time being.

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Air Force Master Sergeant returns home 2 days early, gives wife Christmas surprise

Air Force Master Sergeant returns home 2 days early, gives wife Christmas surprise

Christmas came early for one local couple. John and Sarah Kelley had only been married for a few months when John, who is a Master Sergeant in the United States Air Force, was sent to serve a remote assignment in Korea.


Originally scheduled to return in November, John's deployment was extended for an additional 30 days. He was originally rescheduled to return home Christmas Day, but when his itinerary was moved up two days, he decided to pull off a Christmas surprise.


With the help of his parents, a plan was formed. Since their son was scheduled to arrive at noon, John and Sherry Bujosa told Sarah they wanted to meet her for lunch at Longhorn Barbecue on West Sunset Highway.


Security camera helps capture Grinch

A suspected thief is behind bars in Spokane County, accused of stealing a car and using it to swipe Christmas gifts from the porches of unsuspecting Spokane homes.

Spokane police say 18-year old Christopher C. Bacon was arrested near the 5200 block of N. Morton Monday morning.

Police say Cpl. Zachary Dahle spotted a stolen car in area and saw a man stealing outgoing mail from the mailboxes in the area.

Dahle says when the man saw him he jumped into the car and tried to get away. Dahle was able to stop the man as he tried to run.

Inside the stolen car officers found Christmas presents, mail, social security cards as well as meth. Bacon was arrested and booked into the Spokane County Jail facing 17 charges.

One of the thefts was caught on a home security camera at Midge Roberts house in North Spokane.

"He waited for a walker to go by and then he ran up on the porch and grabbed it and got in the car and he was gone," Roberts said.

Several hours after the package was swiped from her porch, the security camera showed something else, Cpl. Dahle returning the gift to its rightful owner.