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Puppy Bowl fosters adoptions, copious amounts of cuteness

Puppy Bowl fosters adoptions, copious amounts of cuteness


If you think two brothers coaching against each other in Super Bowl XLVII is impressive, then sink your teeth into this: Eight siblings competed against each other in the fourth annual Puppy Bowl hosted by the Spokane Humane Society this afternoon at the Yuppy Puppy in North Spokane.

“That's a whole lot of cute right there,” Dave Richardson, executive director, said about the bunch of puppies.

All eight puppies, fresh from their baths this morning, were adopted – as is the goal of the Puppy Bowl.

The puppies – appropriately named Sideline, Tackle, Fumble, Player, TD, Jacque, Jersey and Punt – came from the same litter, and are about 9 weeks old. They came into the Humane Society's care when their mother was found by SCRAPS emaciated. They have been in the care of Humane Society volunteer foster home for the last six weeks.

The players are all black lab-mixes – or “purebred adorable” – varying in size.

McVicker facing new charge in friend's shooting

Jeremy McVicker returned to court Friday to face new charges for the killing of his best friend, Dylan Heinen, and then trying to dismember his body.

Heinen, 19, was killed early Tuesday morning inside his north Spokane home. McVicker, also 19, is charged with his death.

It appeared in court Friday the gravity of what happened Tuesday morning is starting to set in for McVicker, who was visibly upset as he made his second court appearance.

video On Wednesday he was charged with first degree manslaughter. Friday morning prosecutors added an additional charged of tampering with physical evidence.

According to court documents McVicker admits he accidentally shot Heinen in the head early Tuesday morning. Instead of calling 9-1-1, McVicker told detectives he grabbed a hatchet and repeatedly stuck Heinen in the back and neck.

The Spokane County coroner said Heinen was struck approximately 40 times, which precipitated the new charge of evidence tampering.

McVicker's bond has been set at $1 Million. He will be arraigned February 12.

Wounded deputies spotlighted in NRA video

A new documentary, funded by the NRA, criticizes a Spokane federal judge for releasing a drug dealer who shot two Spokane County sheriff's deputies last June.

The video, called "Catch and Release" also gives us our first look at the wounded deputies, their injuries and law enforcement's frustration with the release of dangerous criminals back into our community.

"Catch and Release" is part of an ongoing series of NRA videos that salute the bravery of both police officers and American troops serving in the line of fire.

video The documentary has nothing to do with guns but does campaign against what police view as a revolving door at our jails, where convicted criminals get too many second chances.

The documentary, shot in Spokane last December, finds the wounded deputies still recovering from their injuries and still angry that Charlie Wallace had been released to a Spokane Valley rehab center after the cops had just arrested him on a series of drug charges.

"The fact that Charlie got released after 17 convictions and he was supposed to go to rehab is very disturbing," Deputy Matt Spink said.

Garry Middle School student suspended for hit list

A Garry Middle School student is in juvenile detention after school officials found a 'hit list' of students and staff members written by the teen.

A teacher found the note in a classroom around 1:30 p.m. Friday. Authorities were able to determine a Garry 8th grade student wrote it.

Spokane Police contacted the student, who claimed the note was a joke. Police followed up by going to his home to see if he access to any weapons and he did not.

There were a total of 64 names of teachers and students on the list. All of the people on the list are being notified by the district.

The teen has been suspended from school and is currently in juvenile detention.

SPD arrests repeat offender; 'shuts down drug house'


The Spokane Police Department arrested a man who has 18 felony convictions dating back to 1993.

Savaad C. Alex, 35, was arrested for an outstanding Department of Corrections warrant and for alleged unlawful possession of a firearm, when police followed up on a tip that he was at 1912 W. Grace.

Three others were arrested after police obtained a search warrant and found cash, heroin, crack cocaine and “indication of drug sales.” Police also found a handgun and ammunition in the basement.

Molly E. McBride, 38, was arrested for alleged possession of cocaine. Lonnie R. Goin, 65, allegedly was in possession of cocaine and had the intent to sell heroin. William J. Higgins, 40, was booked for alleged possession of heroin.

The search for Alex started when he fled a traffic stop late last week.  

Study looks at the future of the Latah Bridge

Study looks at the future of the Latah Bridge

City of Spokane engineers are considering several different options in rehabilitating the Latah Bridge in west Spokane.

The bridge has been around for almost 100 years, connecting downtown Spokane to the West Plains. The bridge is starting to age and safety is a concern. The outer lanes of the bridge had to be removed, reducing the bridge from a four lane road to a two lane road for structural safety.

A traffic study was completed on the bridge, and engineers have come up with five different ways they could rehabilitate the bridge, costing anywhere from $15 to $27 million dollars total.

That study recommended that The City of Spokane should consider a long-term solution (40+ years), rather than a short term solution for the bridge.

The study also recommended long-term options should provide for bridge deck widening sufficient to accommodate more vehicle traffic, pedestrians, bicyclists, transit and freight demands.

Due to uncertainty in obtaining Federal funding to complete the project, a timetable for starting the project is uncertain.

Can a smartphone app help you lose weight?

Losing weight is always the top New Year's Resolution, and remains a top goal throughout the year for many Americans. And now, more than ever, people are turning to free smart phone apps to help them manage their weight.

KXLY wanted to know: Can anyone lose weight with a free download and determination?

Dennis Ridgley, 51, is the warehouse manager at the Union Gospel Mission. At 325 pounds, he had early diabetes and high blood pressure. Both can be cured if he loses weight.

?I am disappointed in myself, I'm embarrassed, I know in my head the right things to do, I just don't seem to be able to get myself motivated to get started,? Ridgley said.

It wasn't always this way for Ridgley. Years ago, he lost 136 pounds to run the L.A. Marathon. He competed in half marathons to prepare, but a week before the big day he broke his ankle.


?I remember just crying because it was a think I worked hardest for in my life and it was just devastating and I went right back to food and every since then it's just been really hard,? Ridgley said.

Across town, a mother of seven is going through a similar struggle.