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House Ethics Committee looking at McMorris Rodgers

House Ethics Committee looking at McMorris Rodgers

The House Ethics Committee is considering an investigation of the No. 4 ranking member of the House Republican leadership, congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers of Washington state.

Just last week McMorris Rodgers delivered the Republican response to the State of the Union address.

McMorris Rodgers serves as chair of the House GOP Conference and is the House GOP's highest-ranking woman. Her lawyer, Elliot Berke, says McMorris Rodgers is aware of the potential investigation and has cooperated with the Office of Congressional Ethics.

The OCE is an outside organization that can refer cases to the House Ethics Committee. The subject of the potential investigation isn't being disclosed.

The Ethics Committee chairman, Michael Conaway, and its ranking Democrat, Linda Sanchez, say they have received a referral from the OCE about McMorris Rodgers.

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Pedestrian hit by car in North Spokane

Pedestrian hit by car in North Spokane

A pedestrian has been hit by a vehicle as they were attempting to cross Monroe Street from a bus stop.

The accident happened at the intersection of Monroe and Longfellow Thursday afternoon.

According to the Spokane Police Department, the 16-year-old got off the bus and then walked in front of the bus to cross the street when he was hit by a car that was in the left lane.

"They just got off the bus and ran directly in front of the bus which would have blocked the view of the driver going southbound," Spokane Police Lieutenant Alan Arnzen said.

The teen suffered critical injuries and was transported to the hospital for treatment.

Police are at the scene recreating the accident as part of their investigation. DUI is not suspected in the accident. Officers will look at bus cameras to determine who was at fault in the crash, most likely the pedestrian.

Monroe Street is closed from W. Heroy to Rockwell as of 4 p.m. but is expected to be reopened by 4:30 p.m.

MOH recipient Ty Carter returns to North Central High

MOH recipient Ty Carter returns to North Central High

Medal of Honor recipient SSG Ty Carter returned home to Spokane Thursday for a special assembly held at North Central High School.

Carter received the nation's highest military honor for his bravery during a deadly firefight in Afghanistan. Several men in his unit died but many lived because of what he did.

But long before he ran through heavy gunfire to deliver ammunition to other men his unit during that firefight, he walked the halls of North Central as a student, track athlete and football player. He wasn't always the most popular kid in school and that's an important part of the message he shared at the school Thursday.

"We are all very capable of doing wonderful and great things," Carter said.

When the President of the United States puts the Medal of Honor around your neck your life changes forever, but Carter said he isn't special, and that's what he told students today

"Even a student who has troubled times, because I was troubled as a kid, that is why I chose to go into the services because I wanted to change and I wanted to put my life in a better direction," Carter said.

The search for Washington’s Outstanding Senior Volunteer

The search for Washington’s Outstanding Senior Volunteer

Every day, Washington senior volunteers generously give their time and service to help others. Now here’s your chance to give back by nominating a deserving older adult in your community for his or her outstanding service through the Salute to Senior Service® program.

Sponsored by Home Instead, Inc., Salute to Senior Service recognizes the invaluable contributions of adults age 65 and older who give at least 15 hours a month of volunteer service to their favorite causes.

“Seniors have so much to give and make a positive impact on our communities daily,” said Lois Etienne, owner of the Home Instead Senior Care office serving Spokane. “Senior volunteerism not only benefits others, but also helps seniors stay active and socially engaged in their communities – important elements of healthy aging.”

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Braving the bitter cold ... to install a heater

It's brutally cold outside, and while most of us try to avoid spending time outside in the chilly weather some have no choice but to spend hours in the bitter cold.

No matter who you are being outside is less than pleasant. But for those who are routinely exposed to the cold it's just brutal.

"When your nose hairs freeze, you definitely know it's cold," Tim Webster said.

Justin Hurrman and Tim Webster work at R & R Heating and Air Conditioning and were working Wednesday to install a heating system in a future Kendall Yards home.

Yes, you read that right. A heating system.

"I never get the benefits of putting in what I put in," Hurrman laughed.

But they're looking on the bright side...

"We kind of joke around, we are like at least we are not a roofer, at least we have some walls," Hurrman said.

Temperatures are still in the single digits, the wind chill way below that, these two can see their breath, but they sure don't dress like it's freezing cold out.

"I just got two layers and a coat and one pair of socks on," Webster said.

"A coat, a sweatshirt, t-shirt and some long johns," Hurrman added.

Fagen to host Thursday's Council Connection

Fagen to host Thursday's Council Connection

From the City of Spokane: