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City of Spokane declares Stage One Snow Event

City of Spokane declares Stage One Snow Event

The city of Spokane has declared a stage 1 snow event Tuesday.

City plows will now be on residential hill routes and they ask that all cars be parked on the odd numbered side of the street.

Road conditions proved difficult for drivers in Spokane between Monday and Tuesday. In a 24-hour period, crews responded to at least 150 collisions and slide-offs.

Snow fell during peak hours Monday, slowing traffic on hills and along I-90.

In a stage 1 snow event, the city will plow arterials, STA bus routes, neighborhood business districts, central business district, hospitals and medical district, and some residential hill routes.

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Yard and food waste carts return next week

Yard and food waste carts return next week

Never mind the snow, it's time to think spring cleaning!

City of Spokane news release:

Ready for spring yard cleanup or at least spring?  The City of Spokane is trying to urge Mother Nature along as it resumes curbside yard and food waste pickup on Monday, March 3.


The optional City service runs from March through November.  The 96-gallon green yard waste cart can be filled with all manner of yard waste—grass, leaves, pine needles, pine cones, weeds, vines, thatch, plant trimmings, and branches. Customers can even cut up and throw in the old Christmas tree that’s been parked along the side of the house for weeks.


Spokane drivers struggle with snowy roads

Snow returned to the Inland Northwest with a vengeance Monday. Emergency crews were busy all day cleaning up crashes on the roads.

From 5 a.m. Monday until about 7:30 p.m. there were more than 150 collisions or slide-offs called into 9-1-1. Many minor slide-offs were not reported.

Snow fell during peak commute hours and slowed traffic from Grand to I-90. Along South Arthur, the smallest of slopes were too slippery for some.

"This year, this was the worst so far that I've experienced," said driver Kathy Parrott.

Washington DOT, Spokane County, and Spokane City plows worked throughout the night clearing roads as quick as they could.

The city of Spokane hesitated on calling a Stage One Snow Event, that would result in an all out plow of Spokane, because the forecast was so off.

KXLY ran into several good Samaritans helping people navigate the roads. Jonathan Seaman-Cwik and his dad helped push drivers up maple.

"There were a couple guys towing the bigger ones and then we'd just push them from behind," he said.

Kathy Parrott's front-wheel drive minivan made the trek up the South Hill twice this evening.

Extreme Team helping renovate Salvation Army's Sally's House

Extreme Team helping renovate Salvation Army's Sally's House

The KXLY 4 Extreme Team is at it again this week, renovating Sally's House, a Salvation Army program that helps kids when they have no where else to go.

These children come to Sally's House at any time of day after being pulled from drug houses or abusive situations. This emergency foster care program helps hundreds of kids each year. But now the shelter is getting some help thanks to the Extreme Team.

Kids from troubled homes find comfort, love and care when they go to Sally's House.

"It's very important for children when they go through trauma in their home to go someplace that's nurturing from the very beginning, instead of going from the back of the police car to the CPS office," Sheila Geraghty with the Salvation Army said.

It's a safe haven far away from the dangerous situations these kids been exposed to from a very young age.

"The kids come down here and immediately, they get their own bed, they get brand new PJs, a bath and a meal," Geraghty said.

Mike Olfield is in the process of adopting a child who spent time in the shelter.

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Consumers could see higher liquor prices at restaurants, bars

Consumers could see higher liquor prices at restaurants, bars

The price of alcohol could be going up again, this time in restaurants and bars, the latest change as a result of the privatization of liquor sales in Washington.

This is a going to be a new problem for consumers, but it's one that local businesses have been dealing with for some time.

Come April, customers will be paying up to 15-percent more for alcoholic beverages at restaurants if the Washington State Liquor Control Board moves forward with making restaurants and bars pay the same tax that independent liquor stores are required to dish out.

While this may be another headache for consumers, it's been a problem for independent liquor stores much longer.

Greenacres Liquor Store on East Appleway has been in business for nearly 30 years, but business is not the same as it was before privatization went into effect in 2011. Owner Keith Peterson said before privatization his store was the distribution site for 50 restaurants in the area; after privatization he's down to six.

He said the fallout is due to restaurants going straight to the main distributor to avoid higher prices from independent stores required to pay the tax.

Snow returns to Spokane with a vengeance

Snow returns to Spokane with a vengeance

It was slick on the roads Monday, with dozens of collisions and slide-offs halting traffic around the region all afternoon.

Even though snow has been falling through most of the afternoon, as of 5 p.m. the City of Spokane was not at a Stage One Snow Event yet but that could change Monday evening.

A city spokesman said they will go to a 24-hour full city plow when there are two or more inches on the ground with another four expected. A lot of Monday's snow wasn't in the forecast so they're still making a making a decision and checking the weather patterns.

Monday morning, Spokane Mayor David Condon gave the city's overall snow removal a grade of B+. He thinks the city is improving its communication with its residents.

"We want to engage citizens and so you've seen initiatives over the last two years. How do we engage citizens so they know timely information on when they're going to get out the on the streets and so we've been focusing on that," he said.

Motley Crue announces Spokane tour stop

Motley Crue announces Spokane tour stop

Bust out your leather jacket, acid wash jeans and stock up on AquaNet, because Motley Crue is coming to town. This is the last tour for the iconic band, and tickets for the Spokane Arena stop go on sale March 1st at 10 am.

Motley Crue announced The Final Tour by signing a formal Cessation of Touring Agreement, so unlike other rock stars and pop divas that have announced retirement tours, the bad boys of rock won’t be returning to the stage when the tour ends. Tickets went on sale for other shows at the end of January and nine shows have already sold out.