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Fire destroys Deer Park daycare

A fire gutted a daycare in Deer Park Thursday morning, just one week before it was set to open.

The fire started just after 4 a.m. at what used to be Westside Pizza. The fire was located primarily in the attic, but spread quickly, collapsing the roof. The building is a total loss, though firefighters were able to get some of the equipment and furniture out.

"I'm sure she is in shock right now and just trying to get through the morning," Megan Hill, public information officer for Fire District Four, said.

?My kids went to daycare with the lady that is running this one so they have been taken care of by her," she added.

When owner Becky Balka finally arrived at the scene she was crushed.

?When you look at this and see this behind you? It's not even real to me yet. We haven't even opened yet, but we were planning on opening next week,? she said.

Balka said she had put about four months worth of work into remodeling the building, and was one week away from opening. She was just waiting on a license to start enrolling children at the daycare.

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Theft victim grateful for SPD arrest

Jorden Mayo. 21,�is suspected of 20 recent thefts, and one of her victims is singing the praises of the Spokane Police Department.

Dana Divine spends a lot of her week nights in the stands cheering on her daughters Ferris High School�volleyball team. After celebrating a win last week against Rogers High School, Divine felt like she lost.

"We walked outside when the game was over and there was glass all over by the passenger side door," said Divine�

The thief hit the jackpot. In addition to spending a thousand dollars on her credit cards, she�got away with over $600 in gift cards Divine and her husband received at their wedding in July.

"You really feel violated because our friends and family thought enough about us to buy us a generous gift that now someone else is using," said Divine.�

Divine called crime check but never thought anything would come of it.

"We figured cops have much bigger fish to fry," said Divine�

Sgt. Brian Eckersley worked tirelessly to catch the people responsible. Divine says he called her everyday, even on his days off.

Elderly woman killed in house fire on Longfellow Avenue

Firefighters say an elderly woman has died in a structure fire Tuesday morning in the 1200 block of E Longfellow Ave.�

Crews say a fire broke out at the home, which they believe did not have any working smoke detectors.�

A man in the home woke to what he believed was knocking on his door and smoke in the home. He crawled outside the house, then realized the 97-year-old woman, who firefighters believe to be his grandmother, was not with him.

He was unable to reenter the home because the flames had grown so quickly.�

Firefighters say the woman likely died of smoke inhalation.�

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.�

Sheriff's Office apprehends man who led deputy on pursuit

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office has apprehended a man who led a deputy on a short pursuit Tuesday morning.

Sheriff's deputies say around 4:30 a.m. 36-year-old Cephas Parhan drove past a deputy at 30 mph over the speed limit.�

The deputy chased him for a short while, before Parhan crashed the car in the 13600 block of W. 4 Mounds Road. The deputy was unsure of the situation and waited for another patrol vehicle to arrive before approaching the vehicle.�

When the deputies approached the vehicle, no one was inside, but they heard someone in the woods.�

After a short while Parhan was located and taken into custody.�

Parhan was previously sentenced to 12 months in prison in 2011 for injuring a police dog during a pursuit.�

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North Spokane gas war draws customers

Three gas stations at Wellesley and Nevada in north Spokane have been matching each other's prices for years, but now motorists have a choice: brave the lines for lower prices or pay more for a much quicker experience.

Ask Kim Rickard why she chooses the 76 station and the answer is simple.

"Cause it's the cheapest in town," she says.

But ironically, cheap gas has a price. You must have pay cash, otherwise the price jumps by nine cents a gallon.

You also have to wait in line, which at times, fills the entire parking lot. That's why Patti Chase heads across the street to Conoco.

"The convenience here is I can get in without waiting in line. Now if they would take cards over there, I would wait you know, for the extra 10 cents," says Chase.

Those now lines are causing headaches for neighbor Lon Townsend�as well, who says a car damaged his property. Rather than get angry, he's decided to have a little fun.

Free dental and health screenings for seniors

Spokane-area seniors are invited to a free oral health and wellness screening this Friday, October 24th.  "Senior Smile Day" is part of "Teeth Week"  and will include:

WSP looking for witnesses in Highway 2 fatal hit and run investigation

The Washington State Patrol is seeking the public's help to find the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian along Highway 2 just north of Nevada Street Wednesday morning.

Troopers report a call came in to 911 that a commuter heading north on Highway 2 noticed a man lying in the ditch. When troopers arrived they found evidence that led them to believe the victim had been hit by a vehicle.

Trooper Jeff Sevigney said detectives are looking at every angle of this crash.

?We don't know why this person was here. We have obviously an active construction site next to us here so we will be talking to those folks to see what and if they saw anything," Sevigney said.

Also nearby is the US Border Patrol office. Surveillance video from their campus may help in the investigation, but it's not clear exactly when this man was hit.

?We don't know how long the individual had been here although he was still alive when fire crews arrived,? Sevigney said.